Galeria Natura


GALERIA natura 02, 10, 20, 50


UGS : 405e28906322 Catégorie :


Option standard:

  • Straight edge
  • Frame of coniferous wood
  • Filler: hollow core particle board
  • Natural veneer safe-coated with UV varnish
  • 2 silver hinges
  • Regular key lock, bathroom lock, lock cylinder or economy lock
  • DECORMAT pane thick by 4 mm (GALERIA natura 11, 12, 21,
    22, 23, 51)
  • It is possible to make a non-rebated leaf for the sliding system

No-Surcharge Options:

  • ŻALUZJA (shutter) or DECORMAT BRONZE panes
  • Holes for ventilation sleeves
  • A leaf with 3 silver hinges
  • Sliding system non-rebated door leaf

Surcharge options

  • « 90” and « 100” leaf
  • Ventilation undercut
  • Plastic ventilation grille
  • Aluminium ventilation grille
  • Double-leaf door

GALERIA natura inactive leaves 20, 21, 22, 23 are made without
horizontal strips, a uniform natural grain.

The sliding version of double-leaf doors of the GALERIA natura 20, 21, 22, 23 collections, differences may be noted in the relative positions of horizontal stripes at the height of the leaf .

Doors in dark veneer come with narrow inserts in birch tones.
Doors in light veneer come with narrow inserts in wenge tones.

NOTE: The specificity of natural veneer has it that differences in natural grain and staining may be noted between different samples.
These differences shall not constitute grounds for recognising a complaint.